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A developmental disability is a severe, chronic condition that occurs before the age of 22 and is characterized by a cognitive or physical difference or a combination of the two that is likely to continue indefinitely.

How do I find out if I am eligible for supports from the developmental disabilities’ system in Harrison County?

When a person contacts the Harrison County Board of Developmental Disabilities, a visit is arranged with the person, his or her family and a representative from the Board. An informal conversation then takes place so everyone can get to know one another. A service and support administrator (SSA) is made available to help the person decide what supports are needed. The SSA is the person who will take care of the following for the person requesting supports:

  • Determines the need for supports

  • Develops/revises the person’s Individual Support Plan (ISP) and monitors it

  • Establishes the person’s budget for services

  • Helps the person choose a provider

  • Makes sure supports are effectively coordinated and provided

  • Helps the person choose a daily representative

  • Ensures crisis intervention/emergency response

For more information, contact the Harrison County Board of DD at 740-942-2158.


Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities works with County Boards of DD and other related agencies to make sure supports are available that will help people live as they choose, promote their health, safety and well-being and help families reach their goals. To learn more, log onto 

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