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Bill of Rights – The Ohio Revised Code offers specific rights to people with developmental disabilities.

Due Process – The Administrative Resolution of Complaints and Due Process are formal processes for resolving differences if a person’s services are denied, terminated, reduced, delayed or approved.


Self-Advocacy – Self advocacy is advocating for oneself while advocacy is taking the part of someone else. The Harrison County Board encourages people to use their voices to let us and others know what they want out of life.

Health & Welfare Alerts – Health and Welfare Alerts are issued by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.


Good Life – The Good Life is an intentional way of being with others that is based on respect. Its positive, gentle approach builds on relationships and provides tools so all people can have a Good Life.

Results of the Annual Community Survey – The Harrison County Board conducts an annual survey of service and support needs and publishes the results.

People First Language Guide – This guide is a reference for media professionals and anyone who uses words.

Links – Frequently requested information can be found in the links to various websites.

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