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We are Trauma-Informed

We are Trauma Informed 04262022
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The Harrison County Board of Developmental Disabilities is a trauma-informed agency. That means we recognize and consider the lived experiences of the people we support and the role trauma has played in their lives.

We adopted a Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) approach in 2016 when we realized that the immediate crisis or distress someone was experiencing was the result of past traumatic experiences. Once a person’s traumatic past is identified, it becomes easier to locate supports that make the person feel safe. This way of supporting people ensures no further harm and makes way for healing.

The BHN Alliance has a Trauma-Informed Care Core Implementation Team trained in the history, research and understanding of trauma-informed care and the effectiveness of TIC approaches. The team now directs staff development activities designed to create an educated and informed workforce. The team also provides trainings on TIC principles, like compassion and respect, to its community partners, i.e. providers, public schools, law enforcement and medical personnel and others.

If you would like to learn more about Trauma-Informed Care, contact Amanda Tharp at 740-695-7433, ext. 356, or log onto

Healing, resiliency and hope are possible for children and adults when trauma-informed care is practiced by everyone.

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