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MUI 2022
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The MUI Reporting System

The MUI/UI Reporting System exists to ensure the health, safety and welfare of people with developmental disabilities. Incidents that impact a person’s health and safety are reported to ensure immediate assistance and protection.

MUIs can be reported to the Board of DD by staff, people with disabilities, families, providers or the general public.

The County Board’s MUI contact is Angela Dunn, Director of Quality Supports, who receives reports of possible MUIs. She can be reached at 740-659-0407, ext. 346, or via email at . To submit information related to the alleged, suspected or actual MUIs that involve persons served, email

For emergency assistance or to report cases of abuse, neglect or health/safety issues
involving people with developmental disabilities, call
24-hour hotline

You may also call the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities at

Using a Touch Phone
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