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The Harrison County Board of Developmental Disabilities links people with developmental disabilities to the supports they need and want to live a meaningful life.

The Board is committed to helping people live a self-determined life through person-centered planning. The person at the Board who makes this happen is the Service and Support Administrator, or SSA.

SELF-DETERMINATION is the principle that gives people choice and control over their lives. Through self-determination, people are discovering opportunities for living, working, and enjoying a full life in the community. The SSA helps people set personal goals and then helps them find ways to achieve them. Every person eligible for services is assigned a Service and Support Administrator, who coordinates the things people need and want, like transportation, day services, and residential supports. The SSA monitors it all to make sure what people receive is of the highest quality and that people are satisfied.

Supports that meet the basic, essential needs of the person are funded with public dollars through local, state and federal funding sources. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to spend these dollars wisely and make certain that funds are used appropriately.

In addition to publicly-funded supports, unpaid, natural supports (family, friends and neighbors) and the general service system are pursued to broaden the range and scope of supports for each person. Personal dollars are also used to expand and enhance supports.

PERSON CENTERED PLANNING is an approach that uncovers the type of life the person with a developmental disability wants to lead. The Individual Support Plan (ISP) reflects what the person wants in his or her life. The ISP is driven by respect for the person; belief in his or her abilities; and an unwavering commitment to his or her right to decide what their life will be.

For emergency assistance or to report cases of abuse, neglect, or
health/safety issues involving people with developmental disabilities, call the Harrison County Board’s emergency number at
This number is manned 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Linking People 

to Supports

The County Board’s SSA links people with disabilities to the supports they need and want. If you have a disability, you and your SSA will get to know one another by talking about what you can do, who the important people are in your life, and what you want out of life. The SSA will then help you create a plan that will bring what you want into your life.

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