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Good Life

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What is a “good life?” The answers can be as varied as the people who are asked, yet a common thread always emerges. A good life has encouraging, supportive relationships in it. Respect-based support and positive interactions are the foundation upon which the people we support build a Good Life that is uniquely their own. As part of the BHN Alliance, the Harrison County Board of DD is committed to operating within a positive culture where this can happen. Over the last few years, multiple staff members have taken part in Good Life training, offered through the Ohio Association of County Boards. The Good Life has provided the tools and awareness activities needed to help us create and keep positive relationships between ourselves and the people we see everyday.

We coordinate supports in a person-centered way and we’ve been doing so for years. The Good Life takes our approach one step beyond by providing the tools and practice to teach and promote respect-based, positive interactions between all people.

When thoughts, actions and practices are respect-based, everyone can create a “good life” for themselves, full of the people, places and things that matter the most.

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